Benjamin and his Business guide to Italy

Let’s talk with a very special guest, Benjamin Radomski.

foto 2I meet this happy dark haired Swedish guy in the heart of Milano. His office is located very close to La Scala opera house and he suggests having lunch at Gallerie d’Italia Caffetteria, DeCanto. “I like to come here for business lunches as it’s a pleasant environment and laid back. The gallery is great as well with a wide range of art from Canova to Boccioni,” he tells me while sitting at one of the tiny tables.

Benjamin mentions some of his preferred places in Milano: Denzel in via Washington, “I suggest booking a table as it’s usually packed at dinner time. They cook the best burgers in town and it’s a nice place where you get to choose your preferred size of hamburger. If you’re looking for a family restaurant, not touristy and serving amazing Aauthentic Italian food, Tagiura is the place to go, in via Tagiura: a real hidden gem. And of course, Spontini: a pizza chain restaurant in Milan with excellent tasty pizzas and quick service”.

Ben is the founder of “Business e via Italy”, a service provider that guides clients from around the world through the complex process of entering the Italian business arena. “Since the full-service firm was founded in 2010, the bilingual website has attracted 60 million unique visitors, with access to more than 65,000 registered Italian companies and nearly 200 investment opportunities. works directly with such organisations as the British Chamber of Commerce in Italy, The Italian Chamber of Commerce for the U.K, Italian Chamber in Japan, Thailand and Switzerland.

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“We chose Italy. With our business model, Italy was the perfect place to nurture and develop all the opportunities the country offers,” he continues. “The market is principally dominated by Sme’s operating in a variety of sectors but with the lack of know-how to take advantage of the high demand for Italian quality and unique products and services around the world”.



Benjamin is passionate about Milano, he loves the atmosphere of the city and he’s very honored to live here. “My decision to focus on the Italian market and set up Business e via Italy was triggered by my passion for the Italian culture and spirit. Certainly having a Milanese wife plays a big part too!”. Ben is married to an Italian and they have two girls aged two and four who are growing up speaking four different languages: French with their mother, Italian at school, Swedish with their father and English at home.

“Milan is a hotspot for fashion, finance and, in my opinion, the centre for trade in general. It is a good strategic location and, for me, convenient for travelling to the UK and other European destinations,” he says. “We enjoy spending time in the variety of parks of Milan, both on foot and by bike. My weak point is that I am a early adopter and have a eager eye for technology – I love getting all the latest gadgets! And I am an active runner, I have completed several marathons, including New York, Stockholm and London”.


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When asked about his favourite places to go in Milano and which sights to suggest to countrymen, he has no doubt. “The Duomo Cathedral first of all. Take the elevator to the top of the roof and enjoy the excellent view of Milan. It’s breathtaking!”.

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