L’estate in città? A Milano (e non solo) i parchi diventano protagonisti

Few days ago I told that a lot of Europeans are coming in Italy to join thier holidays… but I must talk about the Italians who love (or who are obliged) to stay in their country for vacation! It’s a big amount of people…and the numbers is rising the present summer more than other years. Due to crisis, to minor possibilites to invest in travels, to necessity to work more and gain some more money, lot of Italians stay in the cities. Federalberghi (the organization of Italian hoteliers) survey tells about 6 Italians in ten will stay at home; departures will be 29% less than 2011.
Vacation in august is a typical Italian habit, I know…
But what about your experience? Is the same in your country?
Write a comment and talk about what you see around you in a hot summer sunday afternoon.


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