Modern people enslaved by technology?

Everyone these days is talking about the Blackberry outage. It’s a planetary outage. And anyone seems to be affected. This afternoon while waiting for my coffee, I’ve seen two men… Began listening at the two: they were wondering about the extremely critical network failure and the massive frustration that’s bringing with itself. WOW! It began in Middle East, then swepped through Africa and Europe, to Japan and Singapore, then reached South America, North America and Rim homeland, Canada. More than 70 million of Blackberry users worldwide are down. The two, perhaps businessmen, were worried about the amount of information, emails and datas lost in three days. One of them was shacking his head as if there wasn’t a remedy. And I thought… he was very close to the truth. Even if the company is working to fix the problem, what’s happened will set a huge precedent. The outage impacts people not only in their professional life, but in their heart and home questions, daily programs and life. A damage that can never recover the smartphone’s growing clout in our contemporary life, showing how much we are enslaved by technology. Worrying.

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