Where’s the respect?

Can’t believe how elderly people are so hungry with youngs and -sometimes- the entire world. Why? I’ve seen two women in their seventies queuing at the supermarket and waiting to weight the fruit bag. They were intolerant with all the other persons who are much more quickly. But… there were a reason. And the two old were right. At all. Several business women surpassed without any respect those two old: a not very tall lady with her hair tied in a bun behind her head and a lady with a cane, insecure about her legs. That scene was incredible and I was fictitiously side by side of two old ladies. Why do this happen? It’s happen everyday. We have no respect for those who helped create the society, the world we live in today… maybe simply and shockingly because old people are losing their independence? A survey (check Daily Mail) shows that 4 per cent of the retired people questioned said they felt that older people like themselves were a burden to the rest of society. More than half (51 per cent) of the 2,172 over-65s surveyed by pollsters CAPI Omnibus TNS said they believed older people made a valuable contribution to society, but 40 per cent said they felt undervalued in modern Britain. Shocking.

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