What’s your civic?

I’ve seen a man. He was in his forties. He’s going around by bicycle… but he was riding on the footway. And he’s not the only one… but what’s happen this afternoon shows clearly that this act creates irritability. That man had to stop in front of an elderly man, with white beard and a unusual pair of circle glasses, who was shouting at him: “The street is over there!”. The two stopped for a while arguing one to the other aloud. The elderly man asked to respect the civic (bicycles are -in law- carriages and should be on the road not footway, see here). Similar thing happened few days ago while I was waiting to cross the road… a girl jumped into the street and crossed the road even if the pedestrian traffic light was red. A man on the other side of the intersection shouted twice at her : “Ill-behaved!”.
Two events that shows how people are becoming less and less civic-minded. Anyone could talk about what to do or not to do, but then do we put it into practice… or it’s just a way to believe to be good citizens but not being so really. That’s alarming, isn’t it? 


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