Goodbye Steve Jobs, milestone of our life

An entire world for the whole day has spoken of Steve Jobs. Anyone on social networks wrote his iconic phrases, lots of people posted his “Stay hungry, stay foolish” commencement address, everyone remembered him with his pictures. He was a guru, he was a genius, he was a visionary, he changed the informatic point of view from now to the future. All right things, remembering someone who has just passed is a tribute. I did it today.
But why do we think at this kind of unforgettable artists right in the moment they die and we don’t think at them in any other moment of their life? 
Steve Jobs has been a brave and a bold since he was young, ever since worked on the Apple 1 in 1974, since he sold his minibus for startup money, since he introduced iTunes and other incredible innovations. And he has been a brave even in his death: he refused to be on the stage till the end, he refused to loose his life, he refused to be outclassed by the disease. But he did it in 2005, only one year after he discovered the cancer. So, why do we quote that sentence just today? We didn’t mention that address thinking at a man that has passed. Anyone mentioned that address to use that in his life like a sample. Anyone thought at that sentence like a milestone. But those words and that man has been a milestone for our daily life much longer than we think.

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